Just a quick heads up

We have made a few minor changes that should make the transition from the News Views Disqus channel to the new site a little easier.

The new article feed found on the bottom navigation bar will provide a list posts in chronological order, much like the old channel. For those who have problems parting from Disqus as a whole you can still find the feed for our new site, here. Which will also allow you to keep following us on your personal home feed.

Secondly we are happy to announce that it is now possible to submit news articles to the site without further need to register. The link can be found at the top left of the page. To speed up the reviewing process please be as accurate as possible and provide a properly sized feature image if possible. You can use sites like Photopea to scale and crop your images to the required size if you do not have an photo editing tool such as GIMP or Adobe Photoshop available.

We will also be enabling Disqus ads in the near future to help us recover future costs to ensure the speed and stability of the site. That is, if Disqus deems the site eligible for their Reveal ad programme.

Lastly we are always looking forward getting feedback on where to improve — our site. You can use our contact page and let us know.

Keep up the commenting!

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