Opinion: Is China ready to negotiate? Donald Trump has no clue on how to deliver a trade deal.

The communist country isn't going to be forced to change by a U.S. president who has isolated his country on the world stage and can't see beyond his tweets: Our view

China poses numerous threats to the world economic order. It has little regard for intellectual property and practices a kind of state-sponsored capitalism in which companies owned in whole or in part by the government have unfair advantages. It uses the liberal trade policies developed by democracies to gain wealth and expand its autocratic reach. President Donald Trump is hardly alone in his desire to force change.

Nonetheless, as recent events have shown, he is clueless on how to bring this about. He has said that trade wars are easy to win; actually, they are easy to get into and, like real wars, hard to get out of. And he veers unpredictably between hard-line and conciliatory approaches, making it impossible for U.S. companies to plan.

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