How Veterans Affairs failed to stop a pathologist who misdiagnosed 3,000 cases

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This was the moment they would finally learn why their lives were so changed. Why when he went to the Fayetteville VA three years earlier with a severe earache, the biopsy came back negative — and he was given antibiotics instead of treatment for what was diagnosed 13 months later as late-stage neck and throat cancer.

The pathologist who had misdiagnosed Copelin’s diseased tissue in 2015 was intoxicated, the hospital’s chief physician told the couple. He had failed to see the squamous cell carcinoma on the slide before him, the doctor said.

In March 2016, Levy was intoxicated when he was called to the radiology department to assist with a biopsy. A VA-ordered test showed his blood alcohol level at 0.4, five times the legal limit in Arkansas of 0.08, a level that put him at risk of coma and death, prosecutors said.

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