Trump attacks Lester Holt and John Legend

for failing to recognize his bigly prison reform achievements

On Sunday evening, Trump went on a Twitter rage attacking both singer/songwriter John Legend, his wife Chrissy Teigen, and NBC’s Lester Holt.

Lester Holt spent two nights in Louisiana’s infamous, ‘Angola’ (Louisiana) State Prison attempting to shed light on our country’s mass incarceration issues. He then hosted a town hall at Sing Sing Correction Facility in New York that featured John Legend.

Obviously, Trump watched the segments and felt slighted that neither Legend nor Holt acknowledged Trump’s bigly achievements in getting prison reform signed into law. However, what Trump failed to grasp was, he signed into law measures addressing FEDERAL issues, not STATE mass incarceration nor STATE penitentiaries such as Angola and Sing Sing.

Legend did not go on NBC Nightly News to attack Trump, he invited cameras along to remind viewers that prisoners are people who “deserve to have their full humanity, redemption, and another chance.”

John Legend started FREEAMERICA in 2014. The organization’s goal is “to transform America’s criminal justice system. When 70 million individuals across the country have a criminal record, mass incarceration can only be categorized as an epidemic due to decades of misguided policies and practices.


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