High schooler saves woman and toddler from Imelda flooding

Time for a story that will restore a little bit of faith in humanity amidst the daily narcissism we are experiencing lately. 

Article submitted by, Darkillusion.

From the Article:

Southeast Texas is bracing for a long recovery, after tropical depression Imelda brought heavy rains and severe flooding not seen since Hurricane Harvey.

Cities are now submerged under water and some areas are seeing upwards of five feet of rain. At least two deaths have been blamed on the storm, and crews performed more than 1,000 fire rescues – but police and fire rescue teams also had to rely on good-hearted citizens to help others escape danger. Just north of Houston in Aldine, high school football player Jayden Payne jumped into a car to help save a woman and her toddler after she drove her SUV into a ditch with about 15 feet of water.

And when one tractor trailer driver steered onto a flooded street and the cab of his truck inundated with water up to the windshield, onlookers jumped onto the top of the trucks and used a rope and hammer to save his life.