Trump: ‘Ohio is open for business!’

After attending a rally with India’s Prime Minister Modi in Texas today, Trump took a bigly airplane ride to the great state of Ohio to campaign with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Pratt Industries CEO Anthony Pratt.

Trump touted Ohio’s great economy then toured a new container-board paper mill plant Pratt Industries is building in Wapakoneta, Ohio.

Apparently, the company never had any plans to invest in the United States until some people elected a ‘flamboyantly incompetent star of a TV reality show as president.

Pratt introduced Trump and said without him as president he wouldn’t have invested nearly $3 billion in the United States the last two years. 

“If Donald Trump wasn’t elected president, this mill wouldn’t be here,” Pratt said.


“Ohio is open for business,” Trump said. “When this plant is fully operational, hundreds of Ohioans will have good wages and retirement. One in four workers in this plant is a veteran – a great American veteran – I’m proud to say. (Pratt) knows what he’s doing.”

“The forgotten men and the forgotten women – you aren’t forgotten anymore,” Trump said. “You’re setting records.

According to “Pratt is a big fan of the president. Two years ago, Pratt pledged to invest $2 billion in the U.S. while he stood aboard the U.S.S. Intrepid in New York City, according to a release on Pratt Industries’ website. The Ohio Tax Credit Authority in 2017 approved a 1.263%, eight-year tax credit to Pratt Industries, according to Lima News.

There’s the rub—tax breaks.

Ohio Congressman Gym Jordan and Senator Rob Portman attended the bigly event.

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