America’s Mayor Giuliani Acted For The State Department

Last night in an interview with Sean Hannity, Rudy Giuliani admitted he spoke with officials from Ukraine at the request of the the State Department.

GIULIANI: The State Department called me and said, would I take a call from Mr. Yermak, who’s number two or three to the president-elect, now the president. I was put together with Mr. Earmach. I talked to him he gave me enormously important facts. I conveyed them all to the State Department – unlike the media lies, fake news, I wasn’t operating on my own. I was operating at the request of the State Department.

Last week America’s mayor told CNN that he provided his services as a private citizen to help out his client, Donald Trump.

“I did what I did on my own, and then I told [Trump] about it afterwards. Because I’m his lawyer.”


Article submitted by, PMSwithESP.