America’s Mayor Giuliani Acted For The State Department

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Last night in an interview with Sean Hannity, Rudy Giuliani admitted he spoke with officials from Ukraine at the request of the the State Department.

GIULIANI: The State Department called me and said, would I take a call from Mr. Yermak, who’s number two or three to the president-elect, now the president. I was put together with Mr. Earmach. I talked to him he gave me enormously important facts. I conveyed them all to the State Department – unlike the media lies, fake news, I wasn’t operating on my own. I was operating at the request of the State Department.

Last week America’s mayor told CNN that he provided his services as a private citizen to help out his client, Donald Trump.

“I did what I did on my own, and then I told [Trump] about it afterwards. Because I’m his lawyer.”


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