New Mexico and Minnesota join California in emission control regulations

In a big F U to the Trump administration, New Mexico and Minnesota will join 10 other states “in adopting both of California’s tough rules on tailpipe emissions and zero-emission vehicles.”

At this point, more states that actually care about their people, the air they breathe, and our environment, as a whole, need to step up to the plate and tell this lawless administration they don’t get to dictate what we do as long as we’re not breaking any laws, not Trump’s BS.

From Reuters:

Minnesota and New Mexico would become the 11th and 12th states to adopt California’s zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate and the 14th and 15th states to adopt its tailpipe standards. Colorado said in August it would adopt the ZEV mandate. 

On Friday, a group of 23 states, including Minnesota and New Mexico, sued to block the Trump administration from undoing California’s authority to set strict car pollution rules, one of the biggest U.S. battles over climate change. 

The legal fight pits California, a Democratic-majority state that has become the U.S. environmental champion against a Republican president who wants to boost the economy by cutting regulation. The debate already is playing out ahead of the presidential election next year. 

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