White House admits moving Ukraine call transcript to Special Classified System

White House lawyers admitted to moving the Ukrainian call transcript to a separate system confirming exactly what the Whistleblower alleged in the complaint.

But, trying to conceal, move, block, or spin T’rump’s phone calls is not new nor should it shock anyone.

Since Trump’s early days in office, the White House has been plagued with numerous blunders and embarrassing phone calls with foreign leaders that have somehow been leaked to the press and outraged Trump.

As The Washington Post reports, since Trump took office, “the number of aids even allowed to listen on secure “drop” lines was slashed. The list of government officials who could review a memo of the call’s contents was culled. Fewer copies of transcripts went to agencies, and they were stamped with “EYES ONLY DO NOT COPY.” And some officials who deliver call memos had to sign for the records to create a custody record if they were to leak, according to people familiar with the moves who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe them.”

At one point in 2018, Defense Department officials were asked to send back transcripts of calls to the White House after Trump aides grew worried they could be disclosed, according to former senior administration officials.

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