Barr and Pompeo Involved With Contacts in Four Countries

In Attempt to Discredit Trump Opponents

A new report shows William Barr and Mike Pompeo have been involved with contacts in no less than four different countries in Trump’s attempt to discredit Joe Biden and the investigation of the Mueller investigation origins. Besides the call to Ukraine, which Pompeo had reportedly listened in to, the Australian government also confirms that Trump asked for cooperation with their government about an Australian diplomat with info about a tip regarding “dirt” on Hillary.  AG William Barr has traveled to Italy and London to ask for cooperation in investigating the Mueller investigation.

“In a real investigation, all that is needed is a request from a line prosecutor to the foreign country, made through the [justice department] Office of International Affairs, and pursuant to the terms of a mutual legal assistance treaty,” tweeted Harry Sandick, a former prosecutor in the southern district of New York. “No calls from the president are involved.”

Trump’s exertions to rewrite the history of the 2016 election and win re-election next year are the focus on an impeachment inquiry, which he appears to want to beat by exploiting the powers of his office to tar his political opponents as corrupt.


Article submitted by, PMSwithESP.

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