Rock climbers to compete in climbing Trump’s Wall

In September, Trump claimed his big, beautiful wall was ” impenetrable.” He also lied claimed 20 mountain climbers tried to climb it but failed.

Rick Webber, a retired engineer in Kentucky and active rock climber certified by American Mountain Guide Association as a Single Pitch Instructor, founded Muir Valley, “a nonprofit nature preserve and rock climbing park run by climbers, for climbers.”  He and other mountain climbing enthusiasts said they have no clue if these 20 climbers the Trump administration used to prove no one can climb his big, beautiful wall even exist.

So, because of Trump’s claim, Rick Weber will host a competition next weekend that will feature rock climbing enthusiasts trying “to climb walls ‘dimensionally identical to the 18-foot version of the bollard wall (vertical steel square columns) now being erected along our southern border.’ Participants will compete for trophies and other prizes.

On his website, Weber said, “to declare something to be impossible to climb to a bonafide rock climber is to issue a challenge.”

Rick Weber with his replica border wall! Photo: Courtesy of Rick Weber.

Let’s see just how ” impenetrable” Trump’s waste of taxpayer’s money big, beautiful wall truly is.

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