Wing Nut Watch: So much for ‘Blexit.’

Regardless of what Candace Owens or other wing nuts claim, African American won’t be voting Trump anytime soon nor have plans of ‘blexiting’ the Democratic Party.

In a new Hill-HarrisX poll 85% of black voters said they would choose any Democratic presidential candidate over Trump—85%.

Ninety-eight percent of black voters who identify as Democrat, and 72 percent of those who identify as independent said they would back whoever ultimately becomes the Democratic nominee over Trump. Just 12 percent of black voters who identify as Republican said the same. 

Just like how black voters played a key role in electing and re-electing President Obama, they will play a key role in the 2020 election; especially in a few southern states where “they make up a significant portion of the electorate.”

Read the entire poll here:

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