With a straight face, Trump claims to have ‘great and unmatched wisdom.’

After announcing his half-baked idea to pull troops out of northern Syria, Trump went on a Twitter rant to defend his decision because apparently, he has “great and unmatched wisdom.”

Obviously, he wasn’t joking when he claimed he knew more about ISIS than his generals do:

The Washington Post recaps a few of his now infamous moments where Trump touted his ‘greatness’:

  • After the release of Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Trump went on a tweet storm and actually told the world that he is a ‘very sable genius’ and he’s ‘like, really smart.’
  • Over the summer, Trump looked at the sky and declared, “I am the chosen one,”  in regards to fixing trade issues with China.
  • Trump also said he deserved a Nobel Peace Prize ‘for a lot of things’ but never said what those lots of things were.  But, he did say the committee who makes the decision on who gets a Nobel Peace prize doesn’t decide fairly.
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