Facebook Ads are Cool with Misinformation from Political Pocketbooks

Facebook will not remove a Trump ad from its pages, given its new politician “Fake News” green-light policy:

Facebook’s updated advertising rules could allow politicians to post ads that contain falsehoods without violating any of the company’s terms.

Last week the social networking site altered and thinned out its rules on misinformation so that politicians and political parties are exempt from fact-checking requirements.

This change comes at the same time that President Donald Trump dramatically increased his spending on Facebook ads. Between September 25 and October 1 Trump spent $1,664,958 on political ads—far outspending any of his competitors, according to Facebook’s Ad Library.

The Trump campaign’s most-circulated Facebook ad, “Biden Corruption,” alleged that “Joe Biden promised Ukraine a billion dollars if they fired the Prosecutor investigating his son’s company.”


Elizabeth Warren is none too happy:

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