Liveblog - Impeachment Updates: 10-9-19

Recap of some of the latest events:

For some strange reason, Trump ‘thinks’ we can impeach Congresscritters; it doesn’t work that way.

Support for an impeachment inquiry into President Trump is now over 50 percent, according to new Quinnipiac Poll numbers.

Trump continues to discredit the whistleblower because he/she is a registered Democrat and so is his/her attorney:

Half of voters support the impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll

The poll, conducted Monday and Tuesday, shows that 50 percent of registered voters surveyed would support the Senate’s removing Trump from office, while 43 percent oppose the president’s removal. Seven percent of voters were undecided.

Pelosi Statement on Trump Administration Refusal to Comply with House Subpoenas:

  • Conservative lawyers call for ‘expeditious’ impeachment.

    More than a dozen prominent conservative lawyers, including George T. Conway III, offered their legal reasoning for an “expeditious” impeachment probe into President Trump, creating a document they hope will be read by Republicans who continue to stand by the president.

  • More deflection: ‘Sleepy Joe Biden.’


  • Fox ‘News’ parts ways with Trey ‘Benghazi’ Gowdy:

  • Trump’s dyslexic impeachment poll numbers”

    Try close to 52%, Dotard.

  • Miss Lindsey wants Republicans to sign loyalty oath

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