Ronan Farrow reveals extreme measures Weinstein took to bury alleged crimes

Farrow’s book Catch and Kill describes Harvey Weinstein’s efforts to silence alleged victims and put Farrow himself off the story

The combination of rage, threats, professional promises and vulnerability that Harvey Weinstein used to secure the silence of women he allegedly sexually attacked is described in a newly disclosed interview between one of his accusers and Ronan Farrow, the journalist who exposed the Hollywood mogul.

In his new book Catch and Kill chronicling his investigation into Weinstein, Farrow relates for the first time details of his conversation with a longtime former employee of the movie producer, Alexandra Canosa.

Conducted in 2017 while Farrow was still working for NBC, the hitherto unreported interview gives an insight into the range of emotions and pressures that Weinstein exerted to avoid being held accountable for his alleged sexual crimes.

“He creates the situation in which your silence will benefit you more than speaking out will,” Canosa told Farrow, referring to her former boss.

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