Last Call 10-19-19

Day 1003 of the Trump administration and I sure hope it comes to an end soon. We’re still standing; unfortunately, some of our allies have seen better days, sad. Crimes against humanity? Right now, the transcript of Trump’s call with Erdogan would be nice to see, the real transcript.

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Fun Fact: Just this one that Sheltomlee gave me yesterday. Thanks, Shel!

In 1984, Chaka Khan enjoyed a career-revitalizing smash with “I Feel for You,” a spangly, funky, Grammy-winning R&B crossover that featured a harmonica solo from Stevie Wonder and a guest rap from Melle Mel. The track had already been covered on records by The Pointer Sisters and Rebbie Jackson, as well as Prince‘s self-titled second album, but Khan’s version is the one that became a classic. Before any of those versions, though, the song existed only as an unreleased acoustic demo by Prince, who was just 20 at the time.


And another featuring Chaka Khan just because:

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