Trump ‘ambushed’ grieving parents with surprise meeting with son’s alleged murderer

The grieving parents of a British teenager say they are “extremely angry” and feel they have been “taken advantage of” after a highly choreographed White House encounter with US President Donald Trump — where he presented them with an unexpected offer to meet the woman involved in the crash that killed their son.

The family says that Trump surprised them with the “bombshell” news that Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a US diplomat stationed in the UK, was in an adjoining room. Photographers were waiting in the wings, said a family spokesman, who described the encounter as an ambush.

UK police said Sacoolas claimed diplomatic immunity in the aftermath of the crash that killed Harry Dunn, 19, and left the country three weeks later. Through her attorney, she apologized for a “tragic mistake.” Police say their investigation is not yet complete.


In opposite world, Trump describes the meeting quite differently:

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