Sean Hannity comes to rescue Trump from his own words

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Lately, Hannity has told his Cultists the impeachment inquiry is some, scary “Soviet-style attempted impeachment coup.”

He also explained to them that there was no quid pro quo in Trump’s call to the president of Ukraine because Trump uses the phrase, ‘do us a favor’ a lot. It would be like others saying, ‘ummm’ or ‘you know,’ a habit of sorts.

To bolster his claim that Trump uses the phrase, ‘do us a favor ‘ a lot, he played video clips for Cult 45 of Trump saying it numerous times.


After defending Trump’s disgusting, lynching comments, Senator Lindsey Graham joined Hannity to talk about his bigly resolution he will introduce in the Senate “condemning Democrats’ closed-door impeachment process.”

Susan Rice put it perfectly!

Ms. G

Welcome back, America!