Vindman’s Testimony Contradicts With Rick Perry’s Account

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman’s testimony is in contradiction with the claims of Rick Perry, one of the “three amigos” who were special envoys to Ukraine in July.

Vindman, the NSC official overseeing Ukraine policy, testified that he objected to comments at a White House briefing on July 10 by EU Ambassador Sondland requesting that Ukrainian officials investigate the 2016 U.S. election, the Bidens and the Ukrainian energy company Burisma that had employed Hunter Biden.

Vindman said in his remarks that after he raised his objections, Fiona Hill, who was a Trump adviser on Russia at the time, entered the room and told Sondland his statements were inappropriate.

According to NBC News, Hill told House investigators that she entered the room as Perry was leaving. That account was confirmed to POLITICO.

Perry has repeatedly denied that the name Biden was mentioned by Sondland nor was there a request to investigate any Biden.

This briefing followed a meeting that was abruptly cut short by security advisor John Bolton, when Sondland began discussing specific investigations in order to obtain a meeting between Trump and the Ukraine president.

The complete story is at Politico.