All this for a chicken sandwich?

Maybe it’s because I don’t eat meat nor do I frequent fast food joints unless I’m starving and that’s only option available, but I just don’t get all this violence and mayhem over a chicken sandwich.

So, Popeyes Chicken announced they would bring back their infamous chicken sandwich. I guess people really love them because one lady jacked up her car by trying to cut in line in the drive-thru to get one.

Someone fatally stabbed a guy in Maryland because he cut in-line trying to get a chicken sandwich. The suspect has yet to be caught.

The Root put it perfectly:

Look, I get it. 

Be it roasted, grilled, or fried, I love chicken more than the Kardashian clan loves cultural appropriation; more than MAGAts love Jesus Is King; hell, even more than Future loves child support. But on the laundry list of things that I will never in life do, right next to “apologize for enjoying Homeboys in Outer Space,” is “stab somebody over a $4 chicken sandwich.”

Yet here we are, discussing this actually happening because some greedy bastard decided that barrel-cured pickles and spicy mayonnaise were worth catching a charge for.

And then there’s this idiot who thought it would be a great idea to go into a Popeyes and call the patrons the ‘N’ word. He got his ass beat.

Although Popeyes “has struck a special chord for African-Americans and anybody who grew up eating black soul food,” it was started by a white guy and “is now owned by the conglomerate, Restaurant Brands International, that also owns Burger King and Tim Hortons.”

New York Times:

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