Laura Ingraham blames GOP losses in VA on Soros, changing demographics, and immigrants

“Democrats took control of both state houses, giving them full control of the entire government for the first time since 1994,” Ingraham said. “Now the road to Democrat dominance in the commonwealth was paved long before Trump took the presidency. The undeniable fact is that demographic changes throughout the state, but especially in Northern Virginia, have altered what was once a moderate to right-of-center state. And it made it really a Petri dish for radical left-wing ideas.”

“Virginia’s foreign born population nearly doubled from 2000 to 2017,” she continued. “And these immigrants are mostly concentrated in Northern Virginia. Fairfax County, Loudoun County, Prince William County, outside of D.C. and they are altering the demographic makeup of the state. And, as The Washington Post and others have pointed out, the electorate.”

“Since immigrants are more likely to vote Democrat, well, this, of course, has dragged the electorate to the left,” she said. “It’s just a fact of life.”

The Washington Post:

Former VA Governor Terry McAuliffe commented on Ingraham’s anti-immigrant rhetoric:

“She oughta take her racist policies, go sit with Donald Trump and have a good afternoon talking to each other,” McAuliffe, who served as Virginia governor from 2014-2018, said on CNN when asked about Ingraham’s remarks from the night before.

“We don’t want that in the Commonwealth in Virginia,” he added. “We are a strong state because of our diversity.” 

The Hill:
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