Trump holds a rally in the real swamp; ‘That’s all I want!’

So, Trump headed to swamplands of Monroe, Louisiana to hold a bigly rally. Amidst all the crap that’s going on in his majorly, corrupted administration, he found some love. Slurring some there, son.

During his bigly rally, he announced some Breaking News: Something, something about a coup.

And then there’s Eddie Rispone who is looking to unseat Democratic incumbent John Bel Edwards in a runoff election Nov. 16.  If he wins, he promises that Louisiana will no longer compete with Mississippi in the race for dead last in everything that matters.

A dog will finally return to the White House ‘very soon.’

Savages? Yeah, more rhetoric to help get us killed.

Trump’s starting to get a bit nervous about Elizabeth Warren may actually being the one to challenge him in 2020.

“I don’t even know, because I’m looking at Pocahontas, can you imagine?” Trump said. “No no ⁠— Pocahontas is starting to rise from the ashes.”

“I thought she was gone, we hit her very hard six months ago,” he added, referring to his campaign’s attacks aimed at Warren for misrepresenting herself decades ago as a Native American.

“I give her credit, she’s emerging from the ashes,” Trump continued, adding: “Not a nice person.”

The Hill:

Besides the usual red meat gnawing, ‘Lock Her Up!” That’s pretty much it. Same crap, different rally. GOTV, Louisiana!

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