Community of Microbes: A Celebration of Color and Science

The Verge interviewed scientist turned artist, Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya about her colorful, augmented reality art exhibit: Community of Microbes.

How do you take a subject like microbes, which most people would think of in some kind of negative way, and turn it into something fun and accessible for people?

That was the reason why I took on this topic because I knew it needed a rebrand in a way. There is such an opportunity to share the stories of all these different invisible little species that are funny and interesting in their own way. So for example, in our gut there, there’s a microbe that goes into other microbes, multiplies and explodes. It’s like so savage down there. But if you can wrap it with color and story, and make it so that these microbes become these characters that you can kind of empathize and understand, then there’s opportunity for people to see the wonder in science.

Please visit The Verge for the full interview and some shots of Amanda’s work.

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