GUNZ! Legally Blind Gun Owner Shoots Her Husband After Mistaking Him for Intruder, Woman Shoots Her Hand While Shooting at Police, Police shoot family dog!


  • Police respond to an emergency call from Michael Renolds, who had been been shot in the leg.
  • Williamsburg Police Chief Wayne Bird said that while police attended to Renolds in the kitchen, more shots came from the bedroom.
  • Police “secured the perimeter” and waited for reinforcements.
  • While waiting, another shot rang out, Michael’s wife Betty had shot herself in the left hand.
  • Police reinforcements arrive, shoot dog on back porch.
  • The dog was watched by family overnight then taken to the vet the following day.
  • Michael and Betty were flown to the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

What set off the chain of events is that every year Michael goes on a hunting trip. Betty figured he had left and that she was dealing with an intruder. Besides being legally blind, Betty has “other health conditions” according to police and family.

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