Ari Melber: We’re Here Because of ‘Weaponized’ Propaganda from John Solomon, Hannity, Giuliani, and More

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MSNBC’s Ari Melber looked back on “how we got here” (re: impeachment) tonight and called out figures like John SolomonSean HannityRudy Giuliani, and Joe diGenova for “weaponizing” propaganda on Ukraine.

Melber mostly focused on the reporting from Solomon — formerly of The Hill, now a Fox News contributor — and mocked the “conspiracy theory sundae” and “Infowars fan fiction” in his Ukraine reports. He noted Solomon’s represented by diGenova and Victoria Toensing, recalling a clip of diGenova on Fox News in March saying there may need to be a “full-fledged criminal investigation” into the Bidens.

Multiple witnesses — a diverse group ranging from nonpartisan officials to Republican appointees — have called out the false narratives in his stories. You can read what the witnesses themselves had to say about his editorials and “reporting” here: 


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