One-in-a-Million Rare 3-Antlered Deer In Michigan

An amateur photographer in Marquette, Michigan, spotted and photographed a 3-antlered deer, a rare sighting. Steve Lindbergh, a former state Rep, gave up firearm hunting for photographing wildlife, saying he’d rather shoot deer with a camera than a gun. He says the photos are authentic, and not manipulated. The deer has three antlers, and is either a 9 or 12 point buck, depending on you count the tines.

A large animal veterinarian suggests it’s authentic too.

What probably happened, he said, is either as an embryo, before the deer was born, the bud that leads to an antler’s growth separated into two, or the bud was damaged somehow later in life causing it to split.
Either way, he said, it’s a rare animal and the antlers will grow back this way.

“I’ve never seen one. I’ve never heard of one,” Edwards, who had been a vet for 30 years and is a committee chairman of the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, added. “I’d say it’s probably a one-in-a-million.”

USA Today