Wing Nut Watch: Women for Trump sycophant claims women “truly equal for the first time ever” under Trump

Gina Loudon, co-chair of Women for Trump 2020, praised President Donald Trump, claiming his policies have benefited women and made them “truly equal for the first time ever.”

Loudon made her comments in an interview on right-wing show YourVoice™ America hosted by Bill Mitchell.

“He has been the women’s president. This president has done more for women— it’s unparalleled. There’s no president that even comes close to having done for women what this president has done for women, and the things this president has done for women will be a legacy to our daughters, to our granddaughters, to our great-granddaughters,” Loudon told Mitchell.


A few clips of other absurd claims “Dr.” Loudon has made:

Loudon, 58, who often refers to herself as “Dr. Gina,” does not have a psychology degree or license.

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