Dudes Tend to be Thermostat Dictators

According to a new study, conducted by researchers from Ohio State University, a lot of households contain a “thermostat dictator” who rules the temperature dial with an iron fist. As it turns out there’s a gendered nature to this – the thermostat dictator is normally a man.

The study, Thermostat wars? The roles of gender and thermal comfort negotiations in household energy use behavior, examined temperature discussions in 112 Ohio households. They found that men tend to get their way while women are more likely to be forced to compromise.

“It’s possible that women are losing the thermostat battle,” the study’s lead author told CNN. “This hints at a status quo gender bias in thermostat settings that leads to a home thermal environment that does not cater to women’s preferences.” Women’s preferences, by the way, tend to veer towards warmer environments, while men prefer it chilly.

The Guardian

Open access to research article over at PLOS ONE.

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