LETTUCE PREY: Alabama Company Refuses to Print University’s LGBTQ-inclusive Magazine Because Jesus!

“After reviewing the subject matter of the 2019 Fall edition of Due South, we must respectfully decline to print this issue of the publication,” Tracey Smith, a spokesperson for Interstate Printing, wrote in an email addressed to Boone that was provided to NBC News. “As the magazine expresses freedom of lifestyles, we must express our freedom by declining to print on the principle that we are a Christian company that does not adhere to the content.”

The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Sara Boone said that the issue was about race, religion, disability and LGBTQ issues. She said that they would use a different printing company in the future. Here’s the offending magazine’s cover.

Interstate Printing, which did not respond to NBC News’ request for comment, states on its company website that it is a Christian organization that “will serve the Lord God Almighty in any way we can,” but did not expound on its religious beliefs, or otherwise indicate that it will not print specific content.

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