MAGA Challenge: MAGAts rap their support for Trump

Those free houses in Italy and Sicily are looking so good these days and will look even better if the Orange Buffoon wins re-election.

So, there really is such a thing called the #MAGACHALLENGE where D- rappers put together a bunch of raps professing their undying support for Trump.

The challenge started back in September but no one really paid much attention to it for obvious reasons nor have many of us even knew about it until Trump tweeted. He even posted he would announce the winners of the #MAGACHALLENGE and invite them to the White House; although Trump’s known to hold fake lunches and con Cult 45 out of their hard earned cash or meth money.

Brace yourselves. Not only is this so cringe worthy, it’s major vomit inducing but you just can’t resist; you just have to look….even for a moment. 😇

Friday, Stephen Colbert announced the winner of the pro-Trump #MAGACHALLENGE and…drum roll please….the winner goes to the world’s biggest Trump supporter, Vladimir Putin.

If you liked the MAGAt rap video posted above, you can go here to indulge yourself in more.

The Wrap:

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