NBC Focuses on Five Counties That May Define The 2020 Race

First Up: Milwaukee County, WI and Kent County, MI

Understanding how Trump won in 2016 is a complex matter. Never fear, Chuck Todd is helping us to understand what voters are thinking in some key areas — maybe you’d call them swing counties.

With that in mind, Meet The Press is going to be spending time in five different communities around the country with the hope of better understanding the fault lines that will define the next presidential race – locales that will help fill in the picture of what the polls are saying and why. We call this project County to County.

This week, we look at two of those communities: Milwaukee County in Wisconsin and Kent County in Michigan. Think of them as places where two of the biggest stories in the election will unfold: Will African-Americans turnout? And will establishment Republicans come home on Election Day?

Also being watched are Beaver County, PA; Maricopa County, AZ; and Miami-Dade County, FL.

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