House Impeachment Hearing: Day 3

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Join News Views for a Live Discussion on the House Intelligence Committee’s Day Three of open impeachment inquiry hearings against Trump. Today, lawmakers will hear testimony from the following four witnesses:

  • Alexander Vindman– (AM)
  • Jennifer Williams– (AM)
  • Kurt Volker–(PM)
  • Tim Morrison– (PM)

You can find more details about the witnesses here:

Like Day Two, the hearings will get under way very early: 9AM ET/6AM PT.

Today’s hearing goes on well into the afternoon so no telling the exact time it will conclude. Hopefully Republican nonsense will not delay the proceeding and force it to go longer than any person should have to endure.

Most of us watch but, not all cable providers include the network in their basic package. Therefore, tune into or feel free to watch whatever network you prefer. You can also watch the hearing from the PBS Youtube video posted above.

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