Jim Jordan: “An ideal candidate to lead the defense of a malignant president”

When you’re forced to listen to this lunatic.

Brent Larkin of cleveland.com wrote a scathing OpEd about Ohio’s Rep. Gym Jordan-(Lunatic-Ohio), calling him “the second most contemptible human being in the entire U.S. government.”

He explained that gerrymandering the hell out of the Great State of Ohio was the main reason Jordan became part of the Cleveland area’s delegation to the House of Representatives.

“Worse yet, the betrayal was bipartisan.”

“When Ohio’s political and legislative leaders were drawing new congressional boundaries prior to the 2012 election, Democrats wanted a district that would protect U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge. Republicans wanted districts that would elect the maximum number of GOP congressmen. And some people from both parties wanted a district that would likely lead to the defeat of longtime Cleveland Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

They all got what they wanted.”

  • Jordan’s district covers roughly 200 miles of Ohio from Dayton to Lorain County near Cleveland.

“That makes Jordan an ideal candidate to lead the defense of a malignant president who has bragged about physically abusing women and who has been accused by two dozen women of sexual assault or misconduct.”

Read the entire OpEd from the links above; it’s good.

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