Trump’s bigly rage interview on Fox & Friends

Trump spent part of his ‘executive time’ calling into Fox & Friends on Friday and ranting his opinions on the impeachment inquiry hearings.


“Oh, I would! Look, number one, they should never, ever impeach.”
  • Trump also attacked Marie Yovanovitch suggesting that people went easy on her because she’s a woman and saying she “was not an angel.”
  • “I said, ‘Why are you being so kind?’ ‘Well, sir, she’s a woman. We have to be nice,’ ” Trump said. “She’s very tough. I heard bad things.”
  • Angry because she didn’t hang up a picture of him in her office.

The Hill:

  • Trump talks about the soon to be released Horowitz report: blames Obama, Susan Rice, HRC, and the DNC. He also pimped the same debunked conspiracy theory about Ukraine, “the server!” and Crowdstrike. Corruption!

“You have a FISA report coming out which the word is, it’s historic, that is what the word is, That’s what I hear. And if it’s historic, you you’re going to see something,” Trump said. He added, “I’ll tell you what, you have a lot of very, very bad people. You know a lot of people say deep state. I don’t like to use the word deep state. I just say they’re really bad, sick, people.”


Watch the majority of his rage below. He just checked off all the “I’m so victimized” boxes.

“I always wants corruption!” -can’t even get that right.

Even the douchebags on Fox & Friends had to get Trump to clarify his spin.

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