Ohio woman calls 911 to order a pizza; actually reported domestic violence in progress

"This is the wrong number to order a pizza," the dispatcher said, then added shortly after, "I’m getting you now, OK. ... The guy still there?"

An Ohio police dispatcher is being lauded for recognizing that a woman who called 911 — and ordered a pizza — was actually trying to report a domestic violence incident.


The caller continued with her ‘pizza order’ and a very, well trained dispatcher caught on rather quickly. He then dispatched officers to the scene, even told them to turn off their sirens so they would not alert the suspect.

The woman who called police is the 38-year-old daughter of a 57-year-old woman, whose live-in boyfriend came home drunk and yelling at about 9 p.m. on Nov. 13, telling the 57-year-old that he was “going to beat her ass” before punching and pushing her, according to the accounts of the victim, her daughter and another witness detailed in a police report.

Police arrested 56 year old Ray Lopez who denied all allegations and said he just wanted to go to bed.

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