Jared Kushner to oversee building Trump’s Bigly Wall

After months of hearing about how Trump’s Bigly Wall is being built as we speak, his unqualified son-in-law will oversee the construction of it.

According to The Washington Post, Trump has grown very frustrated over how slow it has taken to build the stupid thing. Going into a tough re-election, The Wall will be a focal point as it was in his 2016 campaign; although, he failed to deliver on it during his first and hopefully, only term in office.

Both parties in Congress have not allocated funds for Trump’s wall, including the GOP controlled Congress he had during his first two years in office. So, in pops Jared as Trump’s new project manager whose only experience even remotely related to building and overseeing construction of a bigly wall is: real-estate development.

Jared meets bi-weekly with government officials and asks about its progress, funding, and the status on confiscating private land. By the end of 2020, Trump’s goal is to have “450 miles of barriers placed along the U.S.-Mexico border. More than 800 filings to seize private property will need to be made in the coming months if the government is going to succeed, officials aid.”

“The point is to get as much built in the next year or so, so the president can say in the face of intense, almost demented opposition he has made reasonable progress,” said Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington think tank that seeks to restrict immigration and supports many of Trump’s policies.

Trump hopes Jared won’t let him down and will “turn what has been an in­trac­table problem for his administration into a success. “

As a reminder, MEXICO ISN’T PAYING FOR IT; We the People will foot the bill, thank you very much!

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