Sesame Street in Arabic aimed at refugee children to debut

They hope to help "heal the scars of war"

Sesame Workshop – the nonprofit, educational organisation behind Sesame Street – along with IRC, aim to give children in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq, an opportunity to grow and learn through a new local, Arabic-language version of Sesame Street….

The partners won a $100m MacArthur Foundation award in 2017 for their initiative, which involves the Arabic-language television show, and the development of services that reach refugee children directly, CNN reported…

The organisation held brainstorming sessions in Jordan and Lebanon – which hosts about 1.5 million Syrian refugees – ahead of the show’s production with early childhood specialists, play and art therapists, psychologists, and local IRC staff….

The war in Syria has killed hundreds of thousands of people and displaced millions since erupting in 2011 with the repression of anti-government protests.

Almost half of those displaced from the war are children, according to the IRC.

Al Jazeera

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