Ohio Man, 88, Uses Christmas Decoration to Stop Dog Attack

A 13-year-old neighbor girl knocked on 88 year-old veteran Leonard Miller’s door and was told that the girl’s 10 year-old sister was being attacked by a dog.

Miller said he rushed out the door and grabbed a nutcracker outside his neighbor’s home, which he used to hit the dog in the back.

“He had her arm and was shaking her like he would shake an animal or something,” Miller said.  From U.S. News & World Report

Doctors were able to save the girl’s arm.

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The family surrendered the dog voluntarily after the Stark County Dog Warden deemed it to be a vicious animal and, on Monday afternoon, it was euthanized.


Obligatory: Pitbull aren’t any worse that other breeds, it’s the owners that are at fault, or sumthin. 🙄

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