Lake Michigan Storm Expected to Further Erode Dunes Days After Home Demolished

A storm expected Wednesday, bringing rain and up to 65mph winds with up to 16 foot waves to Lake Michigan could continue the erosion that has been threatening lakeshore homes.

Some homes sit only feet away from 50 foot cliffs that have been eroded by high water levels of the Great Lakes this year.

Shoreline erosion along the Lake Michigan and Huron coasts has been dramatic this fall. High waves atop near record high Great Lakes water levels have eroded dozens of feet of dune in places.

The problem is expected to continue into 2020. Current forecasts from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers estimate Lake Michigan and Huron will set record monthly highs next spring, with water levels nearly 3 feet higher than the average and about a foot higher than where they started this year.

Last week, a home was demolished before it plunged nearly 50 feet into Lake Michigan.

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