Meet Some of the Psychopaths Fueling the Climate Crisis

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Let’s start with Michael K. Wirth, CEO and chairman of Chevron, which is responsible for more carbon emissions than any other private entity. (It is exceeded only by the state-owned Saudi ARAMCO, which until the 1940s was a wholly owned subsidiary of Standard Oil of California, now better known as Chevron.)

Lynn Laverty Elsenhans is another name worth knowning. While she is no longer among the most powerful players in the global boy’s club of terracidal royalty, she remains one of the rare women to have crashed its gates.

Aramco is the world’s largest oil exporter and far and away the most dangerous company on and to the planet, responsible for 4.4 percent of all the carbon pumped into the atmosphere since 1965.  Prince Mohammad Bin Salman’s plans to take part of the company public.

I don’t want to leave out Kelcy Warren, CEO and chairman of Energy Transfer, which owns a 36 percent share in the Dakota Access Pipeline, 36 percent of the pipeline that picks up where DAPL leaves off, and 88 to 100 percent of the shares in a dozen other pipelines and terminals.

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