Inside the frantic response to mysterious ‘slow-moving blob’ flying over Washington

White House

The mysterious “slow-moving blob” detected in the skies over Washington Tuesday prompted a frantic response from security officials on the ground as they raced against the clock to assess the potential threat. From the moment the object was picked up on radar, US officials across several agencies only had about 10 minutes to determine whether American lives were in danger and respond accordingly. 

Senior national security officials across the agencies immediately convened to coordinate and monitor the situation, ordering a lockdown at the White House and the Capitol Building to be placed on “restricted access” as a precaution. A Capitol Police source told CNN the US Capitol went to “Aircon yellow” at 8:27 a.m., ET, when the object was first identified. AIRCON is the alert status triggered when an aircraft enters the restricted airspace in Washington without authorization.

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