Free Chat Friday, Week 48

Happy Black Friday, News Viewers, although Thursday is now Black Thursday according to Wal-Mart. Not sure what to call Wednesday though–how about “another day Trump moved unimpeded throughout the world”? SO of course, he made a double super secret foreign policy decision to jet over to Afghanistan and “restart” Peace Talks with the Taliban. Hmmmm..

Oh well, No Worries. Another off-the-cuff foreign policy meet and greet with more terrorists because it worked so well in Syria and Turkey and ISIS…..And sure, he’s being investigated for shady foreign policy deals in the Ukraine–but the co-equal Legislative Branch doesn’t seem to be worried about Trump jetting off in dark of night, so why should we? Besides- there’s shopping to do…..! 😱😱

Let’s talk about it; anything goes and TGIF; As for me, I’m never eating again, I’m never cooking again, I’m never shopping again, beyond that, I have no plans 😁😊… how about you all? What’s up in your world?