Last Call-11-30-19

It’s the last day of November. My, how time has flown by this year. I’ll make it short and sweet because I’ve been at the vet this afternoon getting my new kitten checked out. Someone dumped a kitten off on us Wednesday night. We tried to bring her in but she was skittish. She showed back up Thanksgiving and alls it took was a bit of turkey and she now has a home.

So, a little bit of music, some awesome conversation, and then, I’m munching down on some lobster ravioli. No, I didn’t make it; we went out for dinner. Mom’s done cooking for the week. Tomorrow begins a new week so, there’s that.

2010- Seven months after being released from jail after serving three years for tax evasion, Ronald Isley of The Isley Brothers releases the album Mr. I, with contributions from Lauryn Hill and T.I.

1982 Michael Jackson releases Thriller, which becomes, by far, the best selling album worldwide.


“Thriller’ is 36 37 today — and it’s still the world’s best-selling album.”

***Although Michael Jackson’s earlier stuff appealed more to me, here’s a blast for the past; my teens. I remember sitting on my parents couch, watching Motown 25th anniversary special, singing along with songs that were either before my time or during my toddler days. And remember dancing and singing with my grandmother in the Bay Area. Then, Michael came on—

Enjoy the weekend, everyone! Be safe.

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