Serial shoplifter Danielle Stella continues to whine about her Twitter ban; stands by hanging comments

After Twitter suspended her account for posting tweets suggesting Rep. Ilhan Omar be hanged for treason, Wing Nut Darling and serial shop lifter, Danielle Stella, went on a lengthy Facebook rant defending them. Of course, she took no personal accountability for her own actions. Instead, she went off about some ‘angry liberal mob’ making death threats towards her and other wing nuts.

Friday, Rep. Omar commented on Ms. Stella’s tweet.

Since taking office, Rep. Omar has been the target of Trump’s bottomless hate and bigotry. She has even received several death threats from his deplorable base. Patrick W. Carlineo Jr. faces 20 years in prison for threatening to kill her.

Serial Shoplifter Stella is running against Lacy Johnson, Lucia Vogel, Alley Waterbury and Brent Whaley in the Republican primary for Minnesota’s fifth district seat. The winner will go on to face Omar or her Democratic challenger John Mason.


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