Florida Man Flies His Car Over Several Vehicles With the Greatest of Ease

Citrus County deputies say a driver traveling down U.S. 19 felt dizzy and lost control of his white Toyota Camry. The car veered into the grassy area of the road then over a berm before going airborne. That car traveled 139 feet through the air over a dozen vehicles without hitting any of them. Once the Camry hit the ground it smashed into two other parked cars.

“I still can’t believe it. I mean he traveled 400 feet in the grass before he hit the berm and he literally went inches between an F-250 and another Ford was parked there,” he said. “This is something Evil Kenevil would’ve planned months and months to be able to do and you don’t understand it” said Crystal Ford Lincoln Sales Manager Bruce Azevedo.

The driver is expected to be alright.

From News 9.

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