Giuliani In Europe To Interview Ukrainian Prosecutors

Continuing efforts to debunk the impeachment inquiry

Undaunted by the scrutiny of impeachment committees and others, Rudy Giuliani has been traveling to Budapest and Kyiv this week, seeking to meet up with Ukrainian prosecutors Viktor Shokin and Kostiantyn H. Kulyk, who have been embraced by republicans. Although these prosecutors have faced accusations of corruption, they have played their part in pointing to disparaging claims about Joe Biden, a US ambassador to Ukraine, and other Ukrainians who had damaging information about Paul Manafort.

The newly discovered trip is being used by Giuliani to prepare more episodes for an anti-impeachment docu-series being produced for One America News, a conservative pro- Trump cable channel. This series has already aired two installments, and the third is being billed as an alternative to impeachment hearings.

Giuliani was joined by a crew from OAN in Budapest to interview former prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko.

Mr. Lutsenko, whom Mr. Giuliani considered representing as a client, is facing allegations in Ukraine of abuse of power during his years as a prosecutor and was characterized by some American officials in the impeachment inquiry as untrustworthy. But his office moved to pursue investigations sought by Mr. Trump, and he was praised by the president as a “very good prosecutor” during a July 25 phone call with President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.

The rest of this story is at the New York Times.