Biden gets into a nasty exchange with a voter: ‘You’re a damn liar!’

"Get your words straight, Jack!"

Joe Biden continued his “No Malarkey” bus tour of rural Iowa. At a town hall in New Hampton, Iowa, a voter confronted former VP Biden about his son, Hunter, and the non-existent Ukraine scandal involving him.

When the man seen in the video regurgitated the Wing Nut conspiracy theory that Joe sent his son, Hunter, to work for a Ukraine gas company, Biden went off and actually, body shamed the guy in the process.

“You’re a damn liar, man. That’s not true.”

The video shows Biden walking up on the rather portly man and then challenging him to a push-up contest.

“You see it on the TV? I know you do,” Biden said. “By the way, that’s why you….I’m not sedentary.”

Biden forcefully told the man he was physically and mentally ready to face off against Trump.

“Let’s do push-ups together, man. Let’s do whatever you want to do,” Biden said. “Let’s take an IQ (test).”

NY Daily News:

The man ended their exchange by telling VP Biden he would not vote for him. Of course, Biden responded to him and said, “You’re too old to vote for me.”

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