Review of Iowa database includes police department on felon list but forgets actual felons

A review of Iowa’s database of felons banned from voting under state law found that some convicted felons were omitted from the list in error, while the Des Moines Police Department and even the state itself were mistakenly included.

The Associated Press reported Thursday that some Iowans with felony convictions, including some who committed drug and DUI offenses, were not added to the list in some cases even after being convicted a second time.

Instead, in some cases their offenses would result in police agencies or the state itself being added to the list in their place. The state of Iowa was listed in one case as being barred from voting over a DUI charge against a man convicted of driving drunk in Muscatine County as far back as 2007.

Other Iowans were reportedly added to the list by mistake after their felony charges were bumped down to misdemeanors by prosecutors, including the case of 45-year-old Gerard Aldana, who was also mistakenly listed as being 12 years old on the database.


Article submitted by, Plainfield2.