‘But his cellphones!’ Trump frequently uses personal cellphones; may jeopardize national security

Phone records released this week by the House Intelligence Committee revealed extensive communications between Giuliani, unidentified people at the White House and others involved in the campaign to pressure Ukraine, with no indication that those calls were encrypted or otherwise shielded from foreign surveillance

Although the phone logs do not identify Trump by name, a blocked number listed as “-1” pops up in the logs. Investigators believe the person is Trump and administration officials have confirmed that “Trump has communicated regularly with Giuliani on unsecured lines.”

What it all means:

  • Trump continues to ignore and defy the security guidance urged by his aides and followed by previous incumbents.
  • Moscow may have known of Trump’s attempts to enlist the help from Ukraine in digging up dirt on a political opponent well before the whistleblower report and House impeachment inquiries.
  • Trump railed on and still rails on about HRC using a personal private email account while serving as secretary of state.
  • “Moscow could exploit knowledge that Trump was secretly engaged in efforts to extract political favors from the government in Kyiv.”

Both Trump and Giuliani have declined to comment.

The Washington Post:

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